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Experience the Ultimate Sexual Fantasy with Nz's Pegging princess

NZ's Only High-End Private Escort Exclusively Specializing in Pegging and Male Anal Play

Charli Dixin

yellow banana fruit on purple surface
yellow banana fruit on purple surface

Curious about pegging?

You're not alone

Not all of them talk about it, but many straight men enjoy or are curious about pegging and anal play, and those who enjoy it are onto something!

Physically, it's an act that has the potential for intense pleasure, especially so for men thanks to the location of the prostate gland , about 4 inches deep inside the anus. If you haven't heard , stimulation of the prostate by massage with fingers, vibrators, plugs or dildos, even during pegging, can lead to the most incredible hands free orgasm that lasts longer and feels more intense than any other orgasm you've ever had.

It's not just the physical aspect of being pegged that intrigues or turns on a lot of men, but the psychological role reversal and the taboo nature of the act often appeal as well. Being anally penetrated by a woman with a strap-on is not for the vanilla, but for those who love to push boundaries and the limits of pleasure it is a must do.

Book with me now and let me take you on the wildest sexiest ride of your life.

New to anal play?

Not a problem

I welcome beginners and novices to anal play and would love to show you exactly how good I can make it feel.

If you have little to no experience and want to be pegged I encourage you to talk with me about booking in for a personalized and super hot anal training regime. Over 2 to 3 sessions with me, using toys, fingers, lots of lube and with my experience and skill , you'll be getting pegged like a pro in no time and loving it.

Let me take you on a journey to pleasure and a whole new way to play!

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gourd and white tape measure on blue surface

Limited availability

Discretion & satisfaction guaranteed

Discretion and safety are 100% guaranteed, your privacy, comfort and enjoyment are my top priorities. See my faq section for more information and commonly asked questions or feel free to contact me. Get to know me and view my photo gallery here.

Availability: As New Zealand's only high end escort specializing exclusively in pegging and male anal play, demand for my services is often high and availability is limited.

I am selective about who I take on as a new client in order to provide the best possible experience and maximise our enjoyment of our time together.

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Personalized Appointments

Book a personalized appointment with me, and indulge in a bespoke sexual experience that caters to your individual needs and preferences. Your time with me will be discreet, wildly enjoyable and totally unforgettable.

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